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Uploaded Premium

Different tariffs allow the free choice of the potential user. The currently valid special Uploaded Premium tariffs are attractive for the intensive user:

  • 1 month is with 9,99 Euro quite cheap
  • 3 months score with 24,99 Euro, also a fair price
  • 6 months, this offer is presented by Uploaded as Superdeal, is with a fee of 39,99 Euro quite cheap
  • 1 year term is tolerable with 69,99 Euro
  • 2 years duration are present with 99,99 Euro

Countless advantages are offered by the different tariffs, e.g. the immediate download is guaranteed, also available as direct download. The Highspeed Downloads can be activated without speed limit. The user can realize the support of download managers, JDownloader for example is preferred by many users. The installation is very easy, under “Account management” the installation is done without any problems. The Uploaded Premium covers a certain period of time, there is no automatic renewal, so there is no obligation to subscribe. Of course, this recommendable tariff is used in the Premium version without advertising inserts. The special Uploaded Premium is extremely inexpensive and contains some noteworthy advantages. In the past, many users explicitly chose this special premium subscription.

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What are the premium points in Uploaded Premium

File Hosting - File Sharing
Use the advantages of a file hoster, your files are always available on the server. Use the upload service!

This individual bonus program becomes active when you purchase an Uploaded Premium. You can see under “Uploaded Overview of Premium Accounts” how many points are currently available. Advertising to friends and acquaintances is rewarded with points. 10,000 points allow you to extend the Uploaded Premium for another month free of charge. Each activation of an Uploaded Premium Account is rewarded with 5 GB hybrid traffic; if you want, you can mark a file as a hotlink, in other words, this file is provided with a download link. Such a possibility is a highlight for the website operator.

Uploaded Premium Account restrictions

The download traffic is limited to 1000 GB per month, while 100 GB are made available immediately upon purchase as a starting budget. In addition, 30 GB are credited daily up to a maximum of 500 GB. The table below explains the guidelines in figures:

4,99 Euro48 Hours500
9,99 Euro1 Hour1.000
24,99 Euro3 Hours 2.000
39,99 Euro6 Hours 6.000
69,99 Euro12 Hours 7.000
99,99 Euro24 Hours 9.000

The fair price-performance ratio is obvious at first glance.

Advantages of Uploaded Premium

After registration you will be sent a confirmation email containing your username and password. Various activities and advantages are explained in detail on the homepage.

Uploaded Premium Account

It is your comfortable subscription with Uploaded. Of course you can change your username and password if you wish.

Uploaded Premium Affiliate Program

You can earn money, you can sign up with different affiliate programs or you can do it yourself. You earn money if your files are so popular that other users download them. If you register, you will receive a bonus for the website in the amount of 2 euros.

Uploaded Premium Subscriptions

You can add subscriptions to your Uploaded Premium. It is also possible to book additional storage space; subscriptions are present in this category.

Uploaded Premium Traffic

Here you can get relevant information about the loading times of your files, links or profiles. The number of visitors to the website is displayed, as well as the bytes already used. However, it is important to consider that the more traffic you have based on this data, the more you earn, look at your affiliate program.

Uploaded Premium Backup Storage Space

Each user automatically receives free storage space of over 2 GB after registration. When using the Uploaded Premium, the backup storage increases. You can view the numbers at any time and are always informed about the current situation. The additional service uDrive is so to speak a backup solution whose software takes over the functions of a file manager. Files can now be easily uploaded from the desktop to the cloud.

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The user is able to download the file directly from the PC or transfer it via FTP and remote alternatives. Uploaded presented: Remonte upload If your data is located on only one server, it is possible to transfer these data and files to your Uploaded Premium. Some features can be activated by clicking on Remote Download, but it is useful to specify the URL of the web server. FTP upload This is where the FTP transfer of the significant sources functions. This is only possible via Uploaded’s own FTP server, you can only use special FTP software such as FileZilla. The whole action runs in the background, so to speak, in other words you can perform other activities on your PC. The detailed FTP transfer protocol proves the reliability of this function. Import The import function is easy to activate. Uploaded offers this special function; it is sufficient to specify the URL or one of the files in question. This file is automatically uploaded to your profile, you click on “Import” and it is possible to upload texts, data, pictures, videos and also URL content. Simply upload files A simple click is all it takes to transfer files from the PC to the website. Drag & Drop, the helpful function, enables the realization.

Managing the different files and folders in Uploaded Premium

Uploaded Premium makes administration easier. The intensive user usually has extensive data and files at his disposal; without the appropriate allocation, the data would sink into chaos. You can create any number of new folders, rename or redesign existing folders and manage the old ones. Sort the files according to your preferences, the storage time is unlimited, in other words, the files are never deleted unless you delete them yourself. Creating a root directory for all existing folders is useful. The file manager is helpful and facilitates optimal administration. Uploaded developed an easy to use user interface to make it easy to use even for laymen. With a single click on the website, you are able to manage your administration efficiently yourself.

What are the payment options in Uploaded Premium

Extensive payment options make it easier for customers to use these ideal premium accounts. Every customer will certainly find the most convenient and acceptable payment option for him:

  • SMS Pay
  • Call2 Pay, charged with the telephone bill
  • Bitcoin
  • Credit cards, like Visa Card, Master Card
  • Direct debit
  • Bank transfers or instant transfers
  • Paysafe

Uploaded is currently considered the leader in this industry. You will find download accelerators and special software comprehensively in the product range. Special functions allow not only unlimited, but also simultaneous download of different files and data without reducing the speed. If you book the Uploaded Premium subscription, you can take advantage of these extraordinary features. The speed of the connections is extremely fast, the large data storage is a special plus point. Frequent users need a lot of storage space, which in turn is provided by Uploaded, the 2019 test winner. You can store and share your files without worries.

Uploaded Premium Advantages in key points

There are many providers, but Uploaded scores with first-class rates and profitable discounts. The performance and speed of the various activities are particularly noteworthy.

  • Fullspeed at download
  • The loaded files are saved indefinitely, so they are always available
  • simultaneously running downloads are carried out without problems
  • the file manager helps to manage the files
  • There are no waiting times with Uploaded
  • No expiry date of the loaded data
  • Earning opportunities through partner programs
    • Fullspeed and simultaneously other downloads
    • the maximum charging time is 17 seconds
    • no download restriction
    • Direct start or hot linking

It should be clear to every user that free use does not, of course, allow for extensive functions. For little money you can book an Uploaded Premium subscription.

Savings, if the Uploaded Premium Account is booked

DurationFeesDaily costsSavings in percent
2 days4,99 Euro2,49 Euronone
1 month9,99 Euro0,33 Euronone
3 months24,99 Euro0,27 Euro18 %
6 months39,99 Euro0,22 Euro33 %
12 months69,99 Euro0,19 Euro42 %
24 months99,99 Euro0,13 Euro60 %

It is evident that the chargeable tariffs, especially the Uploaded Premium, are ultimately not only cheaper, but also provide considerable savings. The usage behaviour of the individual customer is of course decisive for the choice of the appropriate offer. However, those who always download or upload data are better off with the longer runtime.

The Uploaded Premium Account 2020 can be tested

You can use the free test method without obligation. Is the Uploaded Premium actually worthwhile, some users ask. Of course, the usage behaviour of the individual customer depends on the choice of the appropriate tariff. Real conditions provide for the optimal testing of this software. Some users take advantage of this test phase. The speeds are shown transparently, namely the comparison with the free usage:

Your connection at homePremium speedsHow much faster are the connections to the free user
100.000Max. 12,5 MB/s250 times
50.000Max. 6,2 MB/s125 times,
32.000Max. 4,0 MB/s80 times,
16.000Max. 2,0 MB/s40 times
6.000Max. 0,7 MB/s15 times
File Hosting einfach gemacht
File hosting is the best way to store data outside of the computer and then use an external

The differences are serious, whereas the price-performance ratio is considered fair. The special Uploaded Premium Test Download allows testing, as already mentioned. Basically there are hardly any users who upload files once in 48 hours and then never again. In this respect, the offer of the above-average Premium subscription should be put on the short list. The Uploaded Premium subscription is presented transparently on the basis of tables and calculations. The free version or the extremely favourable rates, which also have relatively short terms, are not relevant for frequent users. On closer examination, you will agree that there really are no equivalent alternatives. Fast downloads cost money, here the fast download is realized at a fair price. Some key points that appear on the Uploade website:

  • 30 GB are available daily
  • 5 GB is available for each “Premium Extension
  • 10 GB contains the secure backup memory, data from this memory is never deleted

Each premium extension is rewarded with points.

Uploaded Premium Customer support

Customer service is one of the most important elements, premium user or not. Anyone who has ever had problems with the Internet, loading times or the like knows how important customer support is. The contact at Uploaded Premium is made by phone, form or e-mail. In case of serious complex problems, an immediate connection is therefore possible. The customer service is usually available on weekdays from 9 to 20 o’clock.

Uploaded Premium Summary

Uploaded Premium has a high level of awareness in Germany. Many users have recognized that it is a fair and generous provider. From the free version to the luxurious Uploaded Premium, there are many gradations, so that every user can choose the offer that suits him/her exactly according to his/her usage pattern. Especially the price-performance ratio is decisive for many users, because the services and functions are offered at reasonable prices. Uploaded Premium scores with its free registration and diverse offers. There are no hidden costs. The comprehensive alternatives allow for flexible use; however, the Uploaded Premium is used most frequently. The personal data is stored securely, which is important to Uploaded Premium. Test the offers and convince yourself and book the effective Uploaded Premium.

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